Lola Brooks

Peachy Teardrop Diamond Ring

Seriously outstanding, tears of happiness will fall upon anyone lucky enough to have this ring, every time they gaze upon it. At least, that’s what we think about this one. Traditionally, diamonds are prized for their flawlessness, they even come with grades and report cards! At Love & Luxe, we seek out the jewelry with perfectly imperfect stones that make you gasp at their rare and unique beauty, such as this one. Yes, there are cracks and iron deposits running throughout, that’s what makes it so wonderful. In its setting, this stone measures 13 mm x 17.5mm. The sculpted band is made from 22k yellow gold and tapers from 4mm wide on the sides to 7mm at the base, the thickness is comfortable flowing from 2.5mm on the sides to a 3mm base. Rare and one of a kind. 3.13ctw, size 7.